What is a
Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed under the gum and into the jaw bone, replacing the root of the damaged or missing tooth. creating an artificial root. Through a process called “osseointegration”, the bone will grow around this new implant. This process is complete when there is no more relative movement between the titanium screw and the jawbone. Once the artificial root is secured to the jawbone (integrated with your bone) an implant crown can be put for a seamless and natural tooth restoration.

Dental implants are suitable to anyone in good general health. They are put in place during a surgical procedure done under local anesthetic.



✔️ Implants can give you the smile you always wanted

✔️ Look younger and have a more confident smile

✔️ Are the best alternative to replacing missing teeth because they offer a permanent solution

✔️ Improve biting pressure

✔️ Give you the chewing capacity back so you can eat without pain

✔️ Support a bridge or bad-fitted denture that slip, wobble and slide around the mouth making them more comfortable and secure

✔️ They function, look and feel just like your real teeth.

✔️ Are comfortable and stay in place

✔️ You can’t get a cavity or sensitivity with implants, unlike your natural teeth or a bridge

✔️ Improved digestion

✔️ With proper care implants have been shown to last up for tens of years

✔️ No pain: Most patients go back to work the next day after having dental implant surgery

You don’t have to go to two or three different offices to get dental implants.

At River Road Dental we do dental implants from start to finish under one roof.

Dr. Leonard Swerdlof (Periodontist) performs implant placement surgeries (places implant bodies into the jawbone).

Dr. Valeri Dounski (General / Restorative Dentist) restores these implants with implant crowns.

Dental Implants can also provide support for a Full Arch Denture, making them more secure and enabling you to eat and speak more comfortably and confidently.

Traditional dentures only give you 20% of the chewing capacity compared to natural teeth. Implant-supported teeth or dentures, also known as Overdentures can give you 90% chewing capacity.

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Copyright 2021 by River Road Dental. All rights reserved.

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